Friday, 4 December 2009

The Harmless Musician Type.

This is a brand new blog about music but more precisely a blog about making music. I write songs, it's my hobby and I've always been interested in how other people write theirs. So I've begun this blog which will feature interviews with musicians and songwriters. I personally love to find out the inspiration and stories behind songs. And I'm hoping you do too.

When ever I tell people I write songs they often say "I'd love to be able to write songs" and personally I think there is very little that really stops people. Short of being tone deaf of course. Playing an instrument or being able to sing are not a prerequisite, I'm a prime example of the latter. So I'm hoping to find out what makes some of the North Wests singer/song writers tick, why they write, what inspires them and how they do it.

I hope this blog will introduce you to some great unsigned people that are writing and playing in the North West right now. As well as discover how the art of songwriting is approached by the people who have a passion for it. Maybe you'll be inspired too.

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