Thursday, 11 February 2010

The First Review of 'The Sea'

 The Sea is Matt Moss’ first foray into the solo acoustic world and damn is it a successful one. The EP is short and sweet and contains upbeat songs like “The Sea” and “Love me More” and the darker stuff like “Half Empty Glass.”

The EP builds nicely in excitement and intensity, a rare thing these days, which is hard thing to do. It does have the benefit though of no songs sounding the same as the one it follows. Lyrically the EP is quite impressive, "The Sea" (the song) perfectly seems to convey the emotions of a troubled long distance love affair. Moss played every single instrument on this production and the fact that they all blend well is quite an achievement.

On the other hand, in some tracks the mix feels a bit full which detracts from the emotions in the songs. The final song on the EP also drags a little but oddly didn’t in my first listen and that was when I wasn’t being critical. A great song to get lost in.
I look forward to the debut album.

By James Butler.
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