Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Watchman - Peggy Sue


My Band of the month, easily.  I heard about Peggy Sue about six months ago, I'd seen a few videos on Youtube and I knew there was an album in the works.  But I didn't pay them too much attention at the time.  But by accident they have become one of my favourite bands.  I was watching the Local Natives in Manchester last month and to my surprise Peggy Sue were the support act.  They have an energy on stage that's captured on their new album admirably.  Watchman is one of these tracks, the interplay between frontwomen Rosa Rex & Katy Klaw is attention grabbing.  The main refrain "I only came here to see you see me" is infectious.  The album as a whole reaches similar peaks with songs like Yo Mama & Matilda.  While Peggy Sue are part of the Nu-Folk vanguard they offer up something unique.  They have a raw edge, almost punky, sound which sets them apart from the others.  The album Fossils & Other Phantoms is availble now and is also on Spotify here.   Good Summer listening.

Also part of my 'Nu-Folk' spotify playlist - here.

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