Tuesday, 2 March 2010

An Interview with Fly Lazurus Fly

North Wales musician, Fly Lazarus Fly is a label mate of mine on Binary Indy which led me to check out his music.  Having been impressed by his recent debut EP 'The Rundown' I thought I'd ask him a few questions about how he goes about making his music.  

So in the beginning, what made you want to write your own songs?

To be honest, I only really write for myself. If others like it and are interested then great! If not...  no worries. I like to play around with sounds and chords and try and make something that I myself would be happy to listen to.

Who influenced you as you began writing?

I'd probably say the 'Britpop' generation of music was my biggest influence (Blur, Oasis, The Verve, Cast) - then gradually I became more aware of other artists through these bands.

Do these people still influence you?
Do these bands still influence me?... hmmm... I would say only if they changed or varied their sound on each different album. Whichever band I listen to, I always hope that there is a different sound and 'feel' to each new release.

What’s you’re instrument of choice?

The guitar. It's the only one I'm averagely ok at. Looking back I wish I'd learnt to play the piano as well.

What do you say your muse is, what inspires you when you write?

Anything and everything. If there's something that I find particularly interesting then I'd try and incorporate it into something. Although at the moment, I would say there is a certain seasonal elements that influence the songs.

How do you approach song writing, do you find it is different each time or do you have a formula?
I generally just play around with different chords or sounds and try and fit words to it. It's a sloooow process though and can mean that sometimes it takes months to get something that fits and 'feels' right.

How would you describe your music, genre wise?  A lot of musicians struggle or are reluctant to categorise their music.

I don't really know and don't really mind. If I had the production facilities I would certainly like to add more instruments, but for the moment, acoustic is probably what best describes the current E.P.

You can listen to and download 'The Rundown' on Binary Releases here.

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